What is a degraded component? To put it simply, degraded components are products that do not meet the normal product quality standards due to defects in appearance and performance. The peak power of these components can be guaranteed at the factory, but the consistency of the components under different loads, the stability of attenuation, and the temperature Sensitivity etc. cannot be guaranteed. What happens if the photovoltaic power plant system uses degraded components? The power generation will not be affected in the short term, but as time goes by, the power generation of photovoltaic modules may be quite terrible. Compared with A-grade high-quality products, B-grade and C-grade degraded modules can reduce power generation by 10%-20% Volume, greatly reducing investor income.

Driven by profits, how can a large number of recycled degraded components be subtly digested? Where did they end up? Who is paying for such a product unknowingly?

The production process of the components generally needs to go through: series welding-stacking-lamination-framing-mounting the junction box-curing-testing 7 process links, and finally packaging and entering the market.

Testing is to measure electrical performance parameters and determine the classification of components. Mainly include the following three types of tests: 1. Insulation withstand voltage test-test the safety between the frame and the internal charged body (battery, solder ribbon, etc.) under high voltage; 2. Grounding continuity test-test frame and The resistance between the ground to determine whether the frame grounding performance is good; 3. IV test-measuring electrical performance parameters to determine the grade of the component. The tested photovoltaic modules cannot be 100% qualified products, and the so-called A-level, B-level, C-level, downgrade, etc. on the market are all artificially manufactured concepts, and there are actually only qualified and unqualified products.

What is the output of substandard products?

According to CPIA statistics, the output of photovoltaic modules in 2019 reached 98.6GW; according to photovoltaic information research, the average yield rate of photovoltaic modules in the industry is about 99.5%. It can be calculated that 0.493GW of unqualified photovoltaic module products in 2019.

So where did these unqualified photovoltaic modules go?

1. There is a small part of unqualified component products. Manufacturers will invest in the construction of photovoltaic power plants by themselves. For example, compare the power generation data of 13 power stations in Datong Base in 2018. Finally, the power generation of this power station is relatively low. qualified products.

2. A small number of module manufacturers will choose to sell photovoltaic modules to the outside world

A small number of module manufacturers occasionally sell photovoltaic modules publicly, such as Trina Solar, which previously sold degraded photovoltaic modules publicly.

However, most of the module manufacturers will “secretly” sell unqualified modules to large related wholesalers in Kunshan, Hebei, Shandong and other places, and then sell them to household photovoltaic installers.

Eventually, unqualified modules flowed into the household photovoltaic market.