In 2017, Turkey has installed a new record of 1.79 gigawatts of photovoltaic capacity.“Pv magazine” discussed the ranking of the country’s photovoltaic module market, with a discussion of the CEOEgemenSeymen of EndepoGlobal, an importer and distributor of Turkish photovoltaic equipment and a shareholder of CSUN’s photovoltaic assembly plant.

The number one spot is FirstSolar, with sales of 350MW, and crystal solar and hanhua QCells in second and third places.It was followed by CSUN(100MW), Recom(40MW) and Talesun(10MW).The combined sales of HTSaae, Axitec, Solarfabrik and Lucent are 20 megawatts.

The basic idea of Turkish photovoltaic power station investors is to use China’s components and reduce the energy of LCOE.But in 2017, the Turkish government has imposed anti-dumping duties on Chinese photovoltaic manufacturers and imposed import duties on all imported photovoltaic modules (Gozetimvergisi).The anti-dumping duty does not have a big impact on the market because investors can import components from Vietnam and Thailand at similar prices.But VAT on imported components has almost doubled.

In view of this, some international photovoltaic module manufacturers usually import raw materials from China, Taiwan or other places, and then use the equipment and labor of local companies to assemble the components.The latter, as an OEM, resells products from foreign manufacturers using its own name and brand.But there are two problems: first, investors are dubious about the quality of their products because there is no reference.Second, components assembled in Turkey are more expensive than imported ones.