The development and growth of the photovoltaic industry, as well as the huge potential of “carbon neutrality”, have made many cities fascinated by “photovoltaics”.

Public information shows that many provinces and cities will develop photovoltaic power generation and photovoltaic industry chain into the “14th Five-Year” plan and 2035 long-term goals, dozens of cities such as Leshan, Xuchang, Chengdu, Shuozhou, Jiuquan, etc. The hundreds of billions of photovoltaic industry clusters shouted the slogan of turning the photovoltaic industry into a city’s “new business card”.

Therefore, we can see that domestic local governments frequently extend an “olive branch” to photovoltaic companies; many local officials, this year’s “two sessions” are the local photovoltaic industry platform; this round of photovoltaic expansion forces, there are many shadowy appearances The figure of the city.

This is understandable. After all, new energy is the future trend. No city will remain unmoved by the upstream and downstream chains that can be driven by the increasingly mature photovoltaic industry, the jobs created, and the long-term GDP growth it brings.

However, to truly build a “photovoltaic industry city”, it is by no means to build an industrial park and attract a few companies to settle in, but “the right time and place are indispensable for people and harmony”!

For this reason, Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network has selected ten cities with the highest attention from the “photovoltaic circle” and counted the photovoltaic companies, industrial chain and production capacity it has settled in. Let’s take a look at what magic power these cities have? Love has become a treasured land for the development of the photovoltaic industry.

NO.1 Photovoltaic City—Qujing, Yunnan

In terms of the recent photovoltaic industry, the most valued “big coffee” is Qujing, Yunnan. Located at the source of the Pearl River and at the junction of the three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangxi, this small town in Southwest China is the most promising in the future. , To become the world’s photovoltaic leader.

Relying on high-quality solar resources, abundant silicon resources, and low-cost green hydropower resources, Qujing has attracted industry giants such as Longi, JA, Jinzhou Sunshine, and Jinko. As of the first quarter of 2021, 20GW silicon ingots and 20GW chips have been put into production, accounting for 10.4% of the country’s total.

And successfully signed Jinko’s 20GW silicon rods and slices, JA Solar Phase III 20GW cells, Longji Phase IV 20GW cells and 20GW modules, etc. The Haishengrun 1.5 million tons of photovoltaic glass project has completed the project filing; Tianjin Zhonghuan, Guangdong High World-renowned photovoltaic companies such as Jingjing and Canadian Solar also hope to enter Qujing.

With the completion and commissioning of the subsequent stretch rod, slicing, cell and module projects, Qujing will form a “silicon rod-wafer-cell-module” silicon crystal industry chain layout. It is expected that by 2023, Qujing will be able to form 80GW silicon In 2025, we will strive to form 200,000 tons of polysilicon materials, 100GW silicon ingots, 100GW slices, 50GW cells, 40GW modules, With a production capacity of 3 million tons of photovoltaic glass, an output value of 180 billion yuan and an added value of 36 billion yuan will be realized, and the country’s largest green silicon photovoltaic base will be built.

Photovoltaic companies: Longji, JA Solar, Jinzhou Sunshine, Jinko, Haishengrun, etc.

Industry chain: silicon rods, silicon wafers, solar cells, components, glass, etc.

Capacity: Up to 80GW silicon rods, 80GW slices, 30GW cells, and 10GW modules in 2023

Output value: over 180 billion yuan planned

Attention: ★★★★★

NO.2: “World Photovoltaic City”-Shangrao, Jiangxi

In the history of the world’s cities, there are many examples of “a company that drives the economy of the entire city”, such as Detroit, where Ford and Buick are located, Toyota is located in Toyota City, Japan, Dongfeng is located in Shiyan City, and Anshan Iron and Steel is located in Anshan City… …In fact, the photovoltaic industry also has this strength, such as Shangrao City, Jiangxi where Jinko is located.

As a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Jiangxi Province, Shangrao City is also extremely advantageous geographically. It is in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone with Zhejiang in the east, Fujian in the south, and Anhui in the north. At present, it has formed a vertically integrated industrial chain of “silicon wafer-cell-module-application”.

On April 14, 2020, JinkoSolar signed a contract for the “Double More” project. Efforts will be made to promote the “re-doubling” project. The total investment of the project is 14.5 billion yuan to build 10GW high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, 10GW diamond wire slicing, and 10GW high-efficiency cell production and R&D headquarters. Produce.

In addition, on December 28, 2020, the CLP Rainbow ultra-thin and high-transmittance photovoltaic glass project settled in Shangrao. The project has a total investment of 10.6 billion yuan, and plans to build 10 photovoltaic glass furnaces and supporting processing production lines to fill the gap in photovoltaic glass supporting in the photovoltaic industry in Shangrao. Let Shangrao show more confidence in the process of competing for the “World Photovoltaic City”.

Photovoltaic companies: Jinko, Zhanyu New Energy, Zhongyu New Materials, China Diancai, Haiyouwei, etc.

Industry chain: silicon wafers, solar cells, components, film, glass, brackets, etc.

Capacity: Unknown

Output value: over 100 billion planned

Attention: ★★★★☆

NO.3The Bright City of the World—Yiwu, Zhejiang

For a long time, Yiwu City is known as the “World Small Commodity Capital”. In fact, it is still a hidden “photovoltaic crocodile” and it is also indispensable in China’s photovoltaic landscape.

In June 2016, Yuan Jiajun, who is currently the Secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, proposed to build Yiwu “Light Source Technology Town” into the “Bright City of the World”. Yiwu City has successively introduced leading companies in the industry such as Aixu, JinkoSolar, JA Technology, Trina Solar, and Oriental Risen.

As of the end of 2020, the production capacity of cells and modules have reached 14GW and 19.5GW, respectively, and the signed agreements (including production) have reached 75GW and 59GW respectively.

Photovoltaic companies: Aixu, JinkoSolar, JA Solar, Trina Solar, Dongfang Risheng, Swick, Shuangyu Electronics, etc.

Industry chain: solar cells, components, films, junction boxes and auxiliary materials, etc.

Capacity: 14GW and 19.5GW of solar cells and modules have been put into production, and 75GW and 59GW have been signed.

Output value: over 100 billion yuan planned

Attention: ★★★★★

NO.4 China’s Green Silicon Valley-Leshan, Sichuan

Leshan, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province, an important industrial city in Sichuan Province, and the first city in China to develop and produce polysilicon, has also been accompanied by the development of China’s photovoltaic industry. It has experienced industrial changes from midsummer to severe winter to midsummer. Former silicon giants such as Sichuan Ruineng, Xinguang Silicon Industry, and Ledian Tianwei have all broken here.

In recent years, as the photovoltaic industry has once again ushered in great development, Leshan City has put forward the goal of focusing on building a “100 billion photovoltaic industry cluster” and “China’s Green Silicon Valley”. It has successively introduced the Yongxiang New Energy high-purity crystalline silicon project and JinkoSolar’s 25GW single More than 10 photovoltaic and related supporting enterprises such as the crystal drawing and cutting project and the GCL 60,000-ton polysilicon project have gradually established the “silicon-slicing-cell-module-system integration” photovoltaic industry chain.

During the “two sessions” this year, Zhang Tong, a representative of the National People’s Congress and the mayor of Leshan City, proposed to make good use of Sichuan’s comprehensive comparative advantages in photovoltaic manufacturing, make Sichuan a key area for the layout of photovoltaic industry, and support Leshan in building a photovoltaic industry chain innovation demonstration base. , To create a veritable “China Green Silicon Valley”.

Photovoltaic companies: Jinko, Tongwei, GCL, Hengdian Dongci, Jingyuntong, etc.

Industry chain: solar cells, components, films, junction boxes and auxiliary materials, etc.

Production capacity: 160,000 tons of silicon material, 60GW draw bar cutting, 60GW slice, 20GW cell capacity have been put into production, 200,000 tons of silicon material in the future,

Output value: over 100 billion yuan planned

Attention: ★★★★☆

NO.5: The First Photovoltaic City-Hefei, Anhui

From taking over BOE, to “betting” on the memory chip industry, and then to investing in Weilai Automobile… Hefei, whose own conditions are not outstanding, has been labeled as the “best venture capital institution” in the past two years. What is not clear to the public is that this “best venture capital institution” started with photovoltaics a long time ago. Judging from the achievements that photovoltaics have brought to the city, it is worthy of its “best VC”. The name.

It has gathered key domestic and foreign photovoltaic companies such as JA Solar, Tongwei Solar, Rainbow New Energy, CNBM New Energy, Trina Solar, Longi, Samsung SDI, etc., and cultivated Sungrow Power, Zhongnan Optoelectronics, Ruijing Technology, Daheng Energy, A group of local enterprises such as Lumen New Energy, Jingchen Photovoltaic, Micro-nano Electric, and Juneng New Energy.

In 2016, the Hefei Municipal Government proposed to build “China’s First Photovoltaic City” and intensively introduced photovoltaic production and application policies. Not only has photovoltaic installed capacity shown explosive growth, but the industry has formed a relatively complete photovoltaic industry chain from glass substrates-polysilicon raw materials-cells-components-inverters-energy storage cells-power generation projects, etc., with a comprehensive photovoltaic industry chain covering cells, modules, and inverters. There are more than 40 photovoltaic enterprises in the field of solar energy and system applications.

Photovoltaic companies: JA Solar, Tongwei, Sungrow, Zhongnan Optoelectronics, Rainbow New Energy, CNBM New Energy, Trina Solar, Longi, etc.

Industry chain: glass substrates, cells, components, inverters, energy storage, etc.

Capacity: Unknown

Output value: currently nearly 50 billion

Attention: ★★★★☆

NO.6 Growth Sample of Photovoltaic City—Jiaxing, Zhejiang

In terms of strength, Jiaxing may not be ranked first, but it must be played with “fashion”. Jiaxing is definitely the “big brother” in the photovoltaic industry.

This place is where the rivers, lakes and seas meet, the throat of the Taihu South Corridor, and the place where the revolutionary red ship sails. Since 2012, it has been exploring a new model of distributed energy supply that “electricity comes from around”. Xiuzhou under its jurisdiction After several years of development, the photovoltaic town has gradually become a new highland for the domestic photovoltaic industry. The “Jiaxing Model” has been explored. Now it is grasping the development opportunities brought by industry live broadcasts to the photovoltaic industry and building Jiaxing into an “Internet + photovoltaic” Entrepreneurship innovation center and advantageous resource gathering place.

As of the end of 2020, Jiaxing Photovoltaic Science and Technology Park has formed a complete industrial chain from photovoltaic cells and modules to power station investment, operation and maintenance, and testing, and has settled in 177 photovoltaic-related companies.

Photovoltaic companies: Longi, Jinko, Canadian Solar, Foster, etc.

Industry chain: components, cells, film, backplane, etc.

Capacity: Unknown

Output value: unknown

Attention: ★★☆☆☆

NO.7 Eastern Optics Valley-Yancheng, Jiangsu

Yancheng, with the crown of “the first city of offshore wind power”, is actually a “master” in the photovoltaic industry, gathering a group of global leading photovoltaic companies such as Trina Solar, GCL, Canadian Solar, Runyang, and Shuohe. A complete industrial chain including silicon wafers, batteries, components, inverters, pastes, and aluminum frames has been formed.

With such superior conditions, Yancheng began to aspire to be the “new energy hegemon” with the most market-dominant power in the country, and proposed the “14th Five-Year Plan”. The Optoelectronics Industrial Park proposed the goal of “cultivating a hundred billion industries to create the Eastern Optics Valley”. At the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, more than 100 photovoltaic companies will be gathered, of which more than 5 companies have sales of more than 10 billion yuan, and more than 10 companies have sales of more than 1 billion yuan, forming an industrial cluster led by leading companies and highly concentrated industries;

Photovoltaic companies: Chint, Trina Solar, GCL, Canadian Solar, Runyang, Shuohe, etc.

Industry chain: solar cells, modules,

Capacity: 3.5GW of silicon wafer production capacity, 28.7GW of solar cells, and 14.4GW of modules have been put into production

Output value: over 100 billion yuan planned

Attention: ★★★★☆

NO.8 “Small Highland” of Photovoltaic Industry—Xining, Qinghai

As for clean energy, Qinghai has always been the existence of “unity seeking defeat”. As of the end of 2020, Qinghai’s total installed capacity of clean energy was 36.38 million kilowatts. Hainan and Haixi, two “tens of millions of kilowatt-level” renewable energy bases have also been built, but In the industry, regardless of the “scenery”, the current advantage is not obvious.

Qinghai Province has been reversing this situation. In the provincial capital Xining, it has introduced a large number of domestic and foreign well-known photovoltaics, such as Asian Silicon, Yellow River Hydropower, Sunshine Energy, Sino Optoelectronics, State Power Investment, Joneng Power, Tuori New Energy, and Sunshine Power. Manufacturing enterprises have initially formed a complete photovoltaic manufacturing industry chain of polycrystalline silicon-monocrystalline silicon-slices-solar cells-battery modules, and gathered a number of supporting photovoltaic industries such as inverters, photovoltaic glass, quartz crucibles, aluminum frames, and brackets. The most complete industrial chain in Qinghai so far has become the “small highland” for the development of the entire photovoltaic industry chain.

Photovoltaic companies: Asian Silicon Industry, Yellow River Hydropower, Sunshine Energy, Sino Optoelectronics, State Power Investment, Joneng Power, Touri New Energy, Sungrow Power, etc.

Industry chain: silicon materials, cells, components, inverters, glass, quartz crucibles, frames, brackets, etc.

Capacity: Unknown

Output value: unknown

Attention: ★★★★★

NO.9 World Photovoltaic Capital-Chuzhou, Anhui

Fengyang, Chuzhou, Anhui, where the Emperor Zhu and Xiaogang Village have been produced, and the most important raw material for photovoltaic glass-high-quality quartz. At present, photovoltaic glass enterprises in the country are mainly concentrated in Fengyang County, Anhui Province, and the current daily glass production capacity is 3102.5 Tons, after all the kilns under construction are put into operation, the daily output of glass will reach 11,305 tons.

Relying on this resource advantage, Chuzhou not only brought in photovoltaic glass giants such as Flatnian and Almaden, but also successively introduced the Longi Leye monocrystalline module project, the Dongfang Risheng battery module project, Foster Photovoltaic Film and Photovoltaic Backplane project….. At present, the industrial chain of photovoltaic glass, battery, module, film, frame, backplane, inverter, etc. has been brought together.

As the bridgehead of Anhui’s integration into the Yangtze River Delta, Chuzhou City proposed the vision of integrating into the Yangtze River Delta and building the world’s photovoltaic capital in 2021.

Photovoltaic companies: Longi, Risen, Foster, Flat, Almaden, etc.

Industry chain: glass, batteries, components, film, frame, backplane, inverter

Capacity: Unknown

Output value: Glass will reach 11,305 tons

Attention: ★★☆☆☆

NO.10 Temporarily unnamed-Baotou, Inner Mongolia

Baotou, a fast-growing city based on energy, has many resounding titles, such as “Prairie Steel City” and “Rare Earth Capital”. It is also famous in the photovoltaic industry. It is an important production base for silicon ingot raw materials and is unique to Inner Mongolia. The power cost advantage and market resources of China have become a “resort” for China’s photovoltaic plant construction. The photovoltaic company that plans to build a plant in Baotou in 2021 will involve powerful companies such as TBEA, JA Solar, and Shanghai Machinery CNC. The project investment amount of only the three companies Over 17.3 billion.

Locally introduced photovoltaic companies include silicon material processing companies: Tongwei Group; ingot crystal pulling companies: JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Hongyuan New Materials; photovoltaic module industry: Jiang Yinghua, Canadian Solar, Zhongli Tenghui; Photovoltaic power plant companies: JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Luneng, Trina Solar, and Zhongli Tenghui. A relatively complete industrial chain is formed from silicon material processing to ingot crystal pulling to slicing and production to photovoltaic modules to photovoltaic power station applications.

In order to further expand the photovoltaic industry, at the end of 2020, the “Three-year Action Plan for Investment Promotion of the Management Committee of Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park” was released in due course. In the photovoltaic industry, the focus is on investment in the back-end and related service supporting industries such as crucibles, thermal fields, slices, modules, photovoltaic power plants, inverters, and brackets.

Photovoltaic companies: Tongwei, JA Solar, Canadian Solar, Zhongli Tenghui, etc.

Industry chain: silicon materials, components, inverters

Capacity: Unknown

Output value: unknown

Attention: ★★☆☆☆