With China’s “30·60” dual-carbon target and the firm advancement of carbon reduction actions by countries around the world, the highly anticipated photovoltaic industry opens up new room for multiplication, and diversified, multi-scenarios, and high-yield distributed photovoltaics are expected to occupy “Half of the country”, the market will burst soon.

To adapt to the new needs of the new era, on March 26, 2021, at the 16th China (Jinan) Solar Energy Utilization Conference, JA Solar announced the launch of the new DeepBlue 3.0 series of high-efficiency modules for the global market-DeepBlue 3.0 Light modules. Focus on industrial, commercial and household use, and add another member of the “strong general” to the global distributed photovoltaic market.

In May 2020, JA Solar released DeepBlue 3.0 modules based on 182mm silicon wafers, and started mass production in August, and began supplying them to the world in October, which was unanimously recognized by the industry and our customers. DeepBlue 3.0 series modules comprehensively consider the actual conditions of production, transportation, installation, system matching, system performance, etc., and adopt a number of core technologies that reduce costs and increase efficiency, including a new generation of PERCIUM+ batteries, 182mm margin gallium-doped silicon wafers, Multi-busbar, half-cell, advanced component technology, etc., in a true sense embodies the design idea of ​​”taking client value as the core and taking the optimal LCOE as consideration”.

The DeepBlue 3.0 Light module perfectly inherits all the advantages of DeepBlue 3.0. At the same time, it also fully considers the actual characteristics of industrial and commercial rooftops and residential rooftop photovoltaic projects, which can provide customers with greater installed capacity, lower BOS costs, and higher customers. income. The mass production efficiency of DeepBlue 3.0 Light modules exceeds 21.3%, with higher power per unit area and power per unit weight, higher roof utilization, and stronger applicability for roof load-bearing. Following the design concept of “reasonable size and weight, and reasonable electrical parameters”, the DeepBlue 3.0 Light component has a relatively low voltage value and has a larger number of single-string components compared to other types of distributed components, which can effectively reduce the BOS cost. Take a 13m*5m pitched roof (30° inclination) project as an example. Compared with other 400W distributed modules, DeepBlue 3.0 Light has the largest installed capacity and the highest capacity ratio, and customer revenue can be increased by about 5%-10%.

Dr. Niu Xinwei, Director and Executive President of JA Solar, said: “With the transition of distributed photovoltaics to the era of parity, the market’s demand for high-efficiency distributed module products has become more urgent. Since its launch, DeepBlue 3.0 has received recognition and attention from the global market. DeepBlue The launch of 3.0 Light will further promote the promotion and application of high-efficiency photovoltaic products and bring higher benefits to global distributed photovoltaic users.”

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