According to the US wafer manufacturer 1366 Technology and the US solar technology company Hunter Perovskite Technology (HPT) merge their respective businesses into a new company called CubicPV. The Breakthrough Energy Venture Capital Fund (BEV), founded by American thin-film module manufacturer First Solar and Bill Gates, is two of the investors in this new company called CubicPV. The new company is expected to have a development efficiency of about 30%. Junction perovskite solar cell.

The two companies stated in a joint statement that the move aims to integrate the best technologies of both parties to achieve a multi-junction solar cell with an efficiency of approximately 30%. “The energy generated by the bottom layer of the laminated structure accounts for one-third of the equipment energy, but it bears 100% of the production cost, where the direct wafer cost advantage is essential.”

1366 Technology has developed a non-notch wafer production technology that does not require sawing silicon ingots into wafers, but directly uses molten silicon to form wafers. To date, HPT has obtained 18 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patents and 30 additional patents granted by foreign patent offices. These patents relate to manufacturing processes for producing printed metal halide perovskite photovoltaic (PV) devices.

The new company will receive 25 million from Texas investor Hunt Energy Enterprises LLC (HEE), American thin-film module manufacturer First Solar Inc. and Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Venture Capital (BEV) and other investors U.S. dollar funding. Frank van Mierlo, CEO of 1366 Technology, said: “Our unique direct wafer process provides key advantages for the realization of laminated components, and the merger with HPT allows us to achieve a cost-effective terawatt-level laminated solution. Blueprint.”

More details on how to integrate these two technologies have not yet been announced.

Earlier, it was reported that the CEO of silicon wafer manufacturer 1366 Technology Company told The Mint that the company plans to build a 2 GW solar wafer and battery production plant in India and is working with potential Negotiations with domestic partners. The company K. Wah invested about 300 million U.S. dollars (252.1 million euros) in the project. At the same time, the company is looking for an Indian partner to be responsible for module manufacturing and deployment of the Indian solar project.

The company’s largest investor is Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Venture capital and growth equity firm North Bridge Venture Partners and investor Polaris Partners are also among the 1366 shareholders.