In the past two years, photovoltaic companies have scrambled to produce higher-efficiency photovoltaic cell products, which indicates that the photovoltaic cell module industry is returning to the main track of conversion efficiency. Hanfysolar keeps track of the current mainstream companies’ P-type and N-type highest cell conversion efficiencies:

LONGi owns PERC, TOPCon and HJT, and its technical route can be described as “full bloom”. In 2021, LONGi has broken the world record for photovoltaic cell conversion efficiency seven times, including n-type TOPCon 25.21%, p-type TOPCon 25.19%, and n-type HJT 26.30 %. At the end of March this year, LONGi set a new world record of 25.40% conversion efficiency of indium-free HJT cells on M6 full-size monocrystalline silicon wafers. The PERC conversion efficiency was pushed up to 24.06%.

Trina Solar’s ​​cell efficiency is also at the leading level in the industry. In August 2021, Trina Solar’s ​​self-developed 210 high-efficiency PERC cells achieved an efficiency of 23.56%, creating mass production of 210 large-area industrialized P-type monocrystalline silicon PERC cells. New world record for efficiency. For the current hot TOPCon, in March this year, Trina Solar sent a good news that the efficiency of n-type monocrystalline silicon i-TOPCon cells reached a new maximum of 25.5%, which is the 23rd time that Trina Solar has set and refreshed the world record.

The high-efficiency N-type cell technology developed by Jinko, the world’s most innovative photovoltaic company, has achieved good results in 2021. The latest data in October showed that the highest conversion efficiency of N-type single crystal TOPCon reached 25.4%, and the mass production efficiency reached 24.5%.

JA Solar has always been known for its “steady growth and continuous profitability”, and it has continuously developed high-efficiency products for mass production. Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network learned from the company’s 2021 semi-annual financial report that the mainstream conversion efficiency of high-efficiency PERC mass production reached 23.5%, and the N-type battery pilot line The conversion efficiency of the output product exceeds 24.4%.

Chint New Energy is a provider of system energy solutions that integrates clean energy development, construction, operation and management. The company continues to break through technical limitations in the battery field and continuously improve the efficiency of high-efficiency bifacial PERC cells. In 2021, the company’s high-efficiency bifacial PERC The highest efficiency of battery mass production has reached 23.6%.

A new energy is a company engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of high-efficiency photovoltaic cells, module packaging technology, and system applications. It mainly produces PERC and TOPCon. In 2022, the company’s PERC mass production efficiency will reach 24%, and TOPCon mass production efficiency will reach 24.5%.

As one of the earliest companies to deploy N-type cells, Risen Energy is in a leading position in the field of photovoltaic cells. At present, the company’s HTJ mass production efficiency has reached 25.6%.

As a global leader in the industrialization of TOPCon technology, Jolywood has been recognized by the industry for its innovative technology, high-quality products and service guarantee system. In 2021, the efficiency record of TOPCon is gratifying, with laboratory efficiency of 25.4% and mass production of 24.5%.

Tongwei Solar has become the world’s leading manufacturer of crystalline silicon cells. P-type monocrystalline double-sided PERC is the company’s flagship product. Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network learned from the company’s official website that in July 2021, Tongwei M6 large-size full-area cells The conversion efficiency can reach 23.47%, and it has been certified by the ISO/IEC 17025 third-party international authority, creating a world record for the efficiency of M6 large-scale full-area industrialized PERC cells. At the same time, the company is actively deploying new technologies such as TOPCON and heterojunction. In 2021, the average cell efficiency of the TOPCon R&D line is 24.10%, and the highest conversion efficiency of HJT has reached 25.18%.

Since its establishment in 2009, Aixu has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of photovoltaic cells, and the company has continued to grow with the change of battery technology. In 2021, the mass production efficiency of PERC will be 23.3%.

Company Name PERC N-TOPCon P-TOPCon N-HJT P-HJT Nonindium HJT i-TOPCon N Type
LONGi 24.06% laboratory 2019 25.21% laboratory 2021 25.19% laboratory 2021 26.3% laboratory 2021 25.47% laboratory March 2022 25.4% laboratory March 2022
Trina 23.56% August 2021 25.5% laboratory March 2022
JINKO 25.4% laboratory October 2021,24.5% mass production Q4 2021
JA solar 23.5% mass production 2021 pass 24% 2021
CHINT 23.6% mass production 2021
DAS Solar 24% mass production 2022 24.5% mass production 2022
JOLYWOOD 25.4% laboratory 2021,24.5% mass production 2021
RISEN 25.6% mass production 2022
TW Solar 23.47% laboratory 2021 24.1% at R&D line 25.18%
AIKO Solar 23.3% mass production 2021