On April 10, the “Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a National Unified Market” was released. Opinions put forward to build a national unified energy market. On the premise of effectively guaranteeing the supply of energy security, combined with the goal of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the construction of the national energy market will be promoted in an orderly manner. On the basis of overall planning and optimized layout, improve the oil and gas futures product system, standardize the construction of oil and gas trading centers, and optimize the layout of key infrastructure such as trading venues and delivery warehouses. Promote the interconnection of oil and gas pipeline network facilities and open them to various market players fairly. Steadily promote the market-oriented reform of natural gas, and accelerate the establishment of a unified natural gas energy measurement and pricing system. Improve the multi-level unified power market system, study and promote the establishment of a national power trading center in a timely manner. Further play the role of the national coal trading center, and promote the improvement of a unified national coal trading market.

Cultivate and develop a unified national ecological environment market. Relying on the public resource trading platform, build a unified national carbon emission rights and water rights trading market, and implement unified and standardized industry standards and trading supervision mechanisms. Promote market-based trading of emission rights and energy use rights, and explore the establishment of systems for initial distribution, paid use, market transactions, dispute resolution, and supporting services. Promote the construction of green product certification and labeling system, and promote green production and green consumption

The original text is as follows:

Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a Large Unified National Market

(March 25, 2022)

Building a unified national market is the basic support and inherent requirement for building a new development pattern. In order to accelerate the construction of a unified national market from an overall and strategic perspective, the following opinions are hereby offered.

1. General requirements

(1) Guiding ideology. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and all the 19th Plenary Sessions, carry forward the spirit of the great party building, adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, and fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, Accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, adhere to innovation-driven development, promote high-quality development, adhere to the supply-side structural reform as the main line, and meet the people’s growing needs for a better life as the fundamental purpose, coordinate development and security, and fully Give full play to the guiding, standardizing and guaranteeing role of the rule of law, accelerate the establishment of a unified national market system and rules, break local protection and market segmentation, break through the key blocking points that restrict the economic cycle, promote the smooth flow of commodity factors and resources on a larger scale, and speed up the construction of high-efficiency Standardized, fair competition, and fully open national unified large market, comprehensively promote the transformation of China’s market from large to strong, and provide strong support for the construction of a high-standard market system and a high-level socialist market economic system.

(2) Working principles

——Based on domestic demand, smooth circulation. Create and lead demand with high-quality supply, make production, distribution, circulation, and consumption more smooth, improve market operation efficiency, further consolidate and expand market resource advantages, and make building a super-large domestic market a sustainable historical process.

——Initialize and improve the system at the same time. From the perspective of system construction, clarify the phased goals and requirements, and push forward the construction of a unified market. At the same time, adhere to the problem orientation, focus on solving prominent contradictions and problems, speed up the elimination of various regulations and practices that hinder the unified market and fair competition, and break down various closed doors. Small market, small self-circulation.

——Efficient market, promising government. Adhere to the principles of marketization and the rule of law, give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, give better play to the role of the government, strengthen the basic position of competition policy, speed up the transformation of government functions, make full use of the advantages of the super-large market, and make demand better. Lead the optimization of supply, make supply better serve the expansion of demand, gather resources in a unified large market, promote growth, stimulate innovation, optimize the division of labor, and promote competition.

——System coordination and steady progress. Continuously improve the unity of policies, the consistency of rules, and the coordination of implementation, scientifically grasp the steps and progress of market scale, structure, organization, space, environment and mechanism construction, adhere to the combination of delegating and regulating, and give equal attention to both decentralization and regulation, and improve the efficiency of government supervision , enhance the ability to dynamically maintain market stability and economic security in an open environment, and orderly expand the influence and radiation of the unified large market.

(3) Main goals

——Continue to promote efficient and smooth domestic market and scale expansion. Give full play to the advantages of the market to promote competition and deepen the division of labor, further open up the channels between the improvement of market efficiency, labor productivity, income increase, market players, supply quality improvement, and demand optimization and upgrading, and strive to form a mutual promotion of supply and demand, production and sales, and smooth flow Efficient domestic circulation, expand market size and capacity, continuously cultivate and develop a strong domestic market, and maintain and enhance the strong attraction to global enterprises and resources.

– Accelerate the creation of a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment. Guided by the needs of market players, we will strive to simplify administration, adhere to law-based administration, conduct fair and just supervision, continue to optimize services, and accelerate the creation of a market-oriented, law-based, international business environment. Give full play to the comparative advantages of each region, and create a good ecosystem for various market players to invest and start businesses according to local conditions.

– Further reduce market transaction costs. Give full play to the scale effect and agglomeration effect of the market, strengthen and improve anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement and justice, remove institutional and institutional obstacles that hinder the market-based allocation of various production factors and the circulation of goods and services, and reduce institutional transaction costs. Promote the construction of a modern circulation system and reduce the cost of circulation in the whole society.

——Promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Give full play to the advantages of the ultra-large-scale market in enriching application scenarios and amplifying innovation benefits, guide the effective allocation of innovation resources through market demand, promote the orderly flow and rational allocation of innovation elements, improve the system and mechanism for promoting the market-based application of independent innovation achievements, and support scientific and technological innovation and innovation. Emerging industry development.

– Cultivate new advantages in participating in international competition and cooperation. Supported by the domestic circulation and unified market, the effective use of global factors and market resources will enable the domestic market to better connect with the international market. Promote institutional opening, enhance its influence in the global industrial chain and supply chain innovation chain, and enhance its voice in international economic governance.

2. Strengthening the unification of market-based systems and rules

(4) Improve the unified property rights protection system. Improve the institutional system for equal protection of economic property rights of all types of ownership in accordance with the law. Improve a unified and standardized law enforcement and judicial system for cases involving property rights disputes, strengthen the coordination of law enforcement and judicial departments, further standardize the rules and procedures for compulsory measures related to property rights in the field of law enforcement, further clarify and unify the standards for administrative law enforcement and judicial adjudication, and improve the two-way connection mechanism between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice , protect the property rights of enterprises and the personal and property safety of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law. Promote the innovation of the intellectual property litigation system, improve the cross-regional jurisdiction system of intellectual property courts, and smooth the connection mechanism between intellectual property litigation, arbitration and mediation.

(5) Implement a unified market access system. Strictly implement the “one national list” management model, strictly prohibit all regions and departments from issuing negative lists with the nature of market access by themselves, and maintain the unity, seriousness and authority of the negative list system for market access. Research and improve market access efficiency evaluation indicators, and steadily carry out market access efficiency evaluation. Carry out the registration of market entities in accordance with the law, establish a unified national registration data standard and an industry word database for independent declaration of enterprise names, and gradually realize a unified expression of business scope registration. Formulate a national general qualification list, standardize evaluation procedures and management methods, and improve the effectiveness of national mutual recognition and mutual use.

(6) Maintain a unified and fair competition system. Adhere to the equal treatment and equal treatment of various market entities. Improve the fair competition institutional framework and policy implementation mechanism, establish a coordination guarantee mechanism for fair competition policies and industrial policies, and optimize and improve the implementation of industrial policies. Improve the system of anti-monopoly laws and rules, accelerate the revision of the anti-monopoly law and the anti-unfair competition law, improve the fair competition review system, study key areas and industry-specific review rules, improve the review mechanism, unify review standards, standardize review procedures, and improve review efficiency. .

(7) Improve a unified social credit system. Compile and issue a national basic catalog of public credit information, improve credit information standards, establish a mechanism for sharing and integrating public credit information and financial information, and form a credit information network covering all credit subjects, all types of credit information, and all regions of the country. Establish and improve a new credit-based regulatory mechanism, comprehensively promote the credit commitment system, establish a comprehensive evaluation system for corporate credit status, optimize the allocation of regulatory resources based on credit risk, and compile and publish a national basic list of disciplinary measures for dishonesty in accordance with laws and regulations. Improve the incentives for trustworthiness and punishment for dishonesty, and combine punishment for dishonesty with punishment of corruption. Improve the credit repair mechanism. Accelerate the promotion of social credit legislation.

3. Promote high-standard connectivity of market facilities

(8) Build a modern circulation network. Optimize the layout of commercial and trade circulation infrastructure, accelerate digital construction, promote the integrated development of online and offline, and form more new platforms, new formats and new models of commercial and trade circulation. Promote the construction of the national logistics hub network, vigorously develop multimodal transportation, and promote the standardized pallet and plate transportation mode. Vigorously develop third-party logistics, support the construction of digital third-party logistics delivery platforms, promote innovation in technology and business models in the third-party logistics industry, cultivate a group of digital platform companies and supply chain companies with global influence, and promote logistics in the whole society to reduce costs and increase efficiency . Strengthen the construction of emergency logistics system, improve the fortification level and disaster-bearing capacity of transportation facilities and logistics sites in high-disaster-risk areas, and actively prevent the risk of shortage of important products such as food and energy. Improve the national comprehensive three-dimensional transportation network, promote the construction of multi-level integrated comprehensive transportation hubs, and promote the integrated development of transportation facilities across regions. Establish and improve urban-rural integration, regional connectivity, safe and efficient telecommunications, energy and other infrastructure networks.

(9) Improve market information exchange channels. Unify the property rights transaction information release mechanism to realize the connection of the national property rights transaction market. Optimize industry announcements and other important information release channels, and promote the exchange and sharing of market public information in various fields. Optimizing the information disclosure of market players to facilitate the interconnection of market players’ information. Promote the unified interface construction of information authentication platforms of the same type and the same purpose, improve interface standards, and promote the flow and efficient use of market information. Information such as market entities, investment projects, output, and production capacity shall be disclosed in accordance with the law to guide the dynamic balance between supply and demand.

(10) Promote the optimization and upgrading of the trading platform. Deepen the integration and sharing of public resource trading platforms, and study and clarify the standards and methods for incorporating various types of public resource trading into the unified platform system. Adhere to the principle of “progress must be advanced”, implement and improve the “separation of management and management” system, expand the coverage of public resource trading platforms to various types of public resources that are suitable for market-based allocation, and accelerate the electronicization of the entire process of public resource trading. Actively break down regional barriers in the field of public resource transactions. Accelerate the promotion of digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of commodity markets, and encourage the creation of comprehensive commodity trading platforms. Accelerate the construction of the commodity futures spot market, and continuously improve the trading rules. Encourage trading platforms to cooperate with financial institutions and intermediaries to develop a comprehensive service system covering property rights definition, price evaluation, guarantee, insurance and other businesses in accordance with the law.

4. Create a unified market for factors and resources

(11) Improve the unified land and labor market in urban and rural areas. Coordinate incremental construction land and stock construction land, implement unified planning, and strengthen unified management. Improve the cross-regional transaction mechanism for linking the increase and decrease of urban and rural construction land to the surplus index and supplementary cultivated land index. Improve the national unified secondary market for the transfer, leasing and mortgage of construction land use rights. Improve the unified and standardized human resources market system to promote the smooth flow of labor and talents across regions. Improve the policy of linking fiscal transfer payment and the scale of new urban construction land with the urbanization of agricultural transfer population.

(12) Accelerate the development of a unified capital market. Unify the registration of movable property and rights guarantee, and develop movable property financing according to law. Strengthen the construction and overall supervision of important financial infrastructure, unify supervision standards, and improve access management. Select a regional equity market with safe and standardized operation and strong risk management capabilities, carry out pilot systems and business innovations, and strengthen the cooperation and connection between the regional equity market and the national securities market. Promote the interconnection of bond market infrastructure and realize the free flow of bond market factors. Develop supply chain finance, and provide financial products that can directly reach the main business entities of various circulation links. Strengthen the supervision of the capital market, improve the supervision system with clear rights and responsibilities, clear division of labor, and smooth operation, and build a strong safety bottom line for preventing systemic financial risks. Adhere to financial services for the real economy, and prevent from deviating from the real to the virtual. Set up “traffic lights” for capital to prevent disorderly expansion of capital.

(13) Accelerate the cultivation of a unified technology and data market. Establish and improve the national technology trading market, improve the intellectual property evaluation and trading mechanism, and promote the interconnection of technology trading markets in various regions. Improve the scientific and technological resource sharing service system, encourage the exchange and interaction of scientific and technological information between different regions, promote the opening and sharing of major scientific research infrastructure and equipment, and increase international cooperation in the field of science and technology. Accelerate the cultivation of the data element market, establish and improve basic systems and standards for data security, rights protection, cross-border transmission management, transaction circulation, open sharing, security certification, etc., conduct in-depth data resource investigations, and promote data resource development and utilization.

(14) Build a unified national energy market. On the premise of effectively guaranteeing the supply of energy security, combined with the goal of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the construction of the national energy market will be promoted in an orderly manner. On the basis of overall planning and optimized layout, improve the oil and gas futures product system, standardize the construction of oil and gas trading centers, and optimize the layout of key infrastructure such as trading venues and delivery warehouses. Promote the interconnection of oil and gas pipeline network facilities and open them to various market players fairly. Steadily promote the market-oriented reform of natural gas, and accelerate the establishment of a unified natural gas energy measurement and pricing system. Improve the multi-level unified power market system, study and promote the establishment of a national power trading center in a timely manner. Further play the role of the national coal trading center, and promote the improvement of a unified national coal trading market.

(15) Cultivate and develop a unified national ecological environment market. Relying on the public resource trading platform, build a unified national carbon emission rights and water rights trading market, and implement unified and standardized industry standards and trading supervision mechanisms. Promote market-based trading of emission rights and energy use rights, and explore the establishment of systems for initial distribution, paid use, market transactions, dispute resolution, and supporting services. Promote the construction of green product certification and labeling systems, and promote green production and green consumption.

5. Promote high-level unification of goods and service markets

(16) Improve the commodity quality system. Establish and improve the quality grading system, extensively carry out quality management system upgrades, and strengthen the management of the entire supply chain, the entire industrial chain, and the entire life cycle of products. Deepen the reform of the quality certification system, support social forces to carry out inspection and testing business, explore and promote the construction of measurement regional centers and national product quality inspection and testing centers, and promote cross-industry and cross-regional mutual recognition of certification results. Promote the quality standards of major consumer goods in key areas in line with international standards, deepen international cooperation and mutual recognition of quality certification, implement product injury monitoring and preventive intervention, and improve the quality statistical monitoring system. Promote domestic and foreign products of the same line, the same standard and the same quality. Further consolidate and expand brand development and communication platforms such as China Brand Day activities to improve the influence and recognition of Chinese brands.

(17) Improve the standard and measurement system. Optimize the structure of government-promulgated standards and independent market-setting standards, and integrate and streamline national standards and industry standards. Strengthen standard verification, implementation, and supervision, and improve standard systems in fields such as modern circulation, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, fifth-generation mobile communications (5G), Internet of Things, and energy storage. Carry out in-depth artificial intelligence social experiments, and promote the formulation of relevant standards for intelligent social governance. Promote the unification of standards in the fields of smart home and security, and explore the establishment of a smart device identification system. Speed ​​up the formulation of national unified standards and safety norms for facial recognition, finger vein, iris and other intelligent recognition systems. Close to the needs of key fields such as strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, and advanced manufacturing, make breakthroughs in a number of key measurement technologies, develop a number of new standard materials, and continuously improve the national measurement system. Promote the fair participation of domestic and foreign enterprises in my country’s standardization work, and improve the transparency and openness of standard formulation and revision. Carry out international exchanges and cooperation in standards and measurement. Strengthen the internationalization of standard-essential patents, and actively participate in and promote the formation of international intellectual property rules.

(18) Comprehensively improve the quality of consumer services. Improve the consumption environment and strengthen the protection of consumers’ rights and interests. Accelerate the improvement and strict implementation of the defective product recall system, promote cross-border and cross-regional market entities to provide consumers with unified and convenient after-sales service, further smooth the return and exchange channels for products in different places and stores, and improve consumers’ after-sales experience. Unblock consumer complaints and reporting channels, optimize consumer dispute resolution processes and feedback mechanisms, and explore a linkage mechanism for promoting consumer rights protection work departments. Establish and improve the publicity system of consumer complaint information, and promote the governance of the source of consumer disputes. Improve the management measures for prepaid consumption in the service market. Focusing on key livelihood areas such as housing, education and training, medical and health care, and elderly care, promote the formation of a public list of consumer rights protection matters, and improve the negotiation and handling of disputes.

6. Promote fair and unified market supervision

(19) Improve and unify market supervision rules. Strengthen the administrative and legislative work of market supervision, improve market supervision procedures, strengthen the standardization and standardization of market supervision, disclose supervision standards and rules in accordance with the law, and enhance the stability and predictability of market supervision systems and policies. For food and drug safety and other key areas directly related to people’s health and life safety, implement the most rigorous standards, the strictest supervision, the most severe punishments, and the most serious accountability. For new forms of business such as Internet medical care, online education and training, and online entertainment, promote the integrated supervision of online and offline. Strengthen unified and impartial supervision in the field of engineering construction, and strictly investigate and punish violations of discipline and law in accordance with discipline and law. Strengthen the risk monitoring and supervision and random inspection of important industrial products, and urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility for quality and safety. Give full play to the role of industry associations and chambers of commerce, establish an effective government-enterprise communication mechanism, and form a new multi-governance model of government supervision, platform self-discipline, industry autonomy, and social supervision.

(20) Strengthen unified market supervision and law enforcement. Promote the building of comprehensive law enforcement capabilities for maintaining a unified market, and strengthen law enforcement forces for intellectual property protection, anti-monopoly, and anti-unfair competition. Strengthen inter-departmental linkage, establish a working mechanism for the linkage of comprehensive supervision departments and industry supervision departments, coordinate law enforcement resources, reduce law enforcement levels, unify law enforcement standards and procedures, standardize law enforcement behavior, reduce discretionary power, promote fair and just law enforcement, and improve comprehensive law enforcement effectiveness, Explore the establishment of authorized and entrusted supervision and law enforcement methods in relevant industries. Encourage cross-administrative regions to jointly issue unified regulatory policies, regulations, and standards in accordance with regulations, actively carry out joint law enforcement, innovate joint regulatory models, and strengthen cooperation in investigation and evidence collection and case handling.

(21) Comprehensively improve market supervision capabilities. Deepen the reform of streamlining administration and delegating powers, combining delegating power with regulation, optimizing service reforms, improving “double random, one open” supervision, credit supervision, “Internet + supervision”, and cross-department collaborative supervision, etc., and strengthen the coordination and cooperation of various types of supervision. Make full use of big data and other technical means, accelerate the promotion of smart supervision, and improve the information level of cross-provincial communication, sharing and collaboration in market supervision, government affairs services, online transaction supervision, consumer rights protection, and key product traceability. Establish and improve a network supervision and coordination mechanism across administrative regions, and encourage industry associations, chambers of commerce, news media, consumers and the public to jointly conduct supervision and evaluation. For new business forms and new models, we will adhere to both regulatory norms and promotion of development, and fill in the vacancies in regulations and standards in a timely manner.

7. Further regulate unfair market competition and market intervention

(22) Focus on strengthening anti-monopoly. Improve the legal rules for the identification of monopolistic behaviors, and improve the anti-monopoly review system for the concentration of operators by classification and grading. Eliminate issues such as data monopoly of platform companies, and prevent the use of data, algorithms, and technical means to exclude and restrict competition. Strengthen the examination of the concentration of operators in the fields of finance, media, science and technology, people’s livelihood, and involving start-ups, new business forms, and labor-intensive industries, improve the quality and efficiency of examination, and strengthen the identification, early warning, and prevention of monopoly risks. Steadily promote the reform of natural monopoly industries, and strengthen the supervision of network-based natural monopoly links such as power grids and oil and gas pipeline networks. Strengthen the protection of original innovation and intellectual property rights of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

(23) Investigate and punish acts of unfair competition in accordance with the law. For key industries and fields that are strongly reflected by market players and consumers, strengthen the whole-chain competition supervision and law enforcement, and ensure fair competition with fair supervision. Strengthen the regulation of unfair competition in new business fields such as the platform economy and the sharing economy, rectify the online black and gray industrial chain, and manage new types of online unfair competition. Improve the cross-departmental and cross-administrative area anti-unfair competition law enforcement information sharing, cooperation and linkage mechanism, and improve the uniformity, authority, and coordination of law enforcement. Build a cross-administrative region anti-unfair competition case transfer, law enforcement assistance, and joint law enforcement mechanism, smooth consultation channels for new, difficult, and typical cases, and exchange discretionary standards.

(24) Break down local protection and regional barriers. Guide all regions to integrate comparative advantages, resource and environmental carrying capacity, industrial base, disaster prevention and hedging capabilities, and other factors, identify their own functional positioning, and avoid greed, low-level repetitive construction, and excessive homogeneous competition. The “full” self-loop, let alone regional blockade in the name of “internal loop”. Establish a list of preferential policies related to enterprises and disclose them to the public in a timely manner, promptly clean up and abolish policies in various regions that impede a unified market and fair competition, including local protection, market segmentation, designated transactions, etc. Various preferential policies, and strictly carry out fair competition review of newly introduced policies. Strengthen the coordination and cooperation of industrial transfer projects between regions, establish a coordination and resolution mechanism for major problems, and promote the rational distribution of industries and further optimization of the division of labor. Encourage all regions to continuously optimize the business environment, carry out investment promotion activities in accordance with the law, prevent vicious competition in investment promotion, and attract more high-quality enterprise investment with high-quality institutional supply and institutional innovation.

(25) Clean up and abolish regulations and practices that impede equal access and exit in accordance with the law. Except as expressly provided by laws and regulations, enterprises shall not be required to register in a certain place, and no obstacles shall be set up for enterprises to operate or relocate across regions. Unreasonable and discriminatory entry and exit conditions shall not be set to restrict the free flow of goods, services and factor resources. Access barriers shall not be set in the form of filing, registration, annual inspection, certification, certification, designation, or requiring the establishment of a branch, or in a disguised form. It is not allowed to set qualification requirements, technical requirements, inspection standards or evaluation standards for foreign enterprises that are significantly higher than local operators in terms of qualification certification, business licensing, etc. Clean up and standardize the preconditions and approval standards for government service matters such as administrative approval, licensing, filing, etc. Government service matters shall not be converted into intermediary service matters, and without legal and regulatory basis, enterprises shall not be required to self-test, inspect, certify, and identify themselves before government services. , notarization, and providing certificates, etc., shall not engage in disguised approval or paid services. Operators shall not be granted franchise rights without fair competition, and shall not restrict the operation, purchase or use of goods and services provided by specific operators.

(26) Continue to clean up the regulations and practices that violate the unified market construction in the field of bidding and procurement. In formulating the rules of bidding and government procurement systems, fair competition review and legality review must be conducted in strict accordance with relevant state regulations. It is strictly forbidden to illegally limit or designate specific patents, trademarks, brands, components, origins, and suppliers in bidding and government procurement, and it is not allowed to illegally set qualifications, technologies, and business that are incompatible with the specific characteristics and actual needs of the bidding and procurement projects. conditions, etc. It is not allowed to illegally limit the location, ownership form, organization form of bidders, or set other unreasonable conditions to exclude or restrict operators from participating in bidding procurement activities. We will further advance the electronization of the whole process of tendering and bidding, accelerate the improvement of the rules and technical standards of the electronic bidding and bidding system, and promote the sharing of resources such as high-quality bid evaluation experts across regions and industries.

8. Organization and Implementation of Guarantee

(27) Strengthen the leadership of the party. All regions and departments must fully understand the importance of building a unified national market for building a new development pattern, and effectively integrate ideas and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, so that the whole country can play a game of chess, unify the large market, unblock the large circulation, and ensure that various Key tasks are implemented.

(28) Improve the incentive and restraint mechanism. Explore and study the standard guidelines for the construction of a large national unified market, and reward regions that actively promote the implementation of the construction of a large national unified market and achieve outstanding results in accordance with relevant national regulations. Dynamically publish a list of problems of improper interference in the construction of a large unified national market, establish a notification, interview and problem rectification system for typical cases, and focus on solving the problems of improper market interference and unfair competition that hinder the construction of a large unified national market.

(29) Prioritize regional cooperation. Combined with the implementation of major regional strategies and coordinated regional development strategies, encourage areas such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, and the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River to give priority to maintaining a unified national market. Carry out the construction of regional market integration, establish and improve regional cooperation mechanisms, and actively summarize and replicate typical experiences and practices.

(30) Form work synergy. All regions and departments shall, according to the division of responsibilities, fully implement the requirements of this Opinion, and conduct self-examination and clean-up on whether there are regulations and actual conditions that hinder the construction of a unified national market in their respective regions and departments. The National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Market Regulation, together with relevant departments, shall establish and improve a departmental coordination mechanism to promote the construction of a unified national market, intensify overall coordination, strengthen follow-up assessments, supervise inspections in a timely manner, and urge all parties to implement them. Strengthen publicity, guidance and public opinion supervision to create a good social atmosphere for the construction of a unified national market. Major matters should be reported to the Party Central Committee and the State Council in a timely manner.