On December 13, the reporter learned from the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Yunnan Province that in recent years, Yunnan has focused on promoting the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure, and the trend of industrial agglomeration has gradually emerged. At present, Yunnan Province has formed 300,000 tons of monocrystalline silicon drawing and 41 GW. Slicing production capacity has produced 120,000 tons of monocrystalline silicon in the first 10 months of this year. Yunnan has become the world’s largest green monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic material production base and is becoming the world’s largest green silicon processing integrated manufacturing base.

According to reports, in 2018, the Yunnan Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Integrated Hydropower and Silicon Processing Industry”, focusing on building a “silicon photovoltaic, silicon chemical, silicon electronics” industrial chain based on industrial silicon and green energy. , A number of industry-leading companies have successively deployed in Yunnan, the green silicon processing integrated industry is developing rapidly, and the advantages of green energy resources are gradually being transformed into economic advantages. It is estimated that by 2023, Yunnan Province will have a production capacity of 150,000 tons of polysilicon, 600,000 tons of monocrystalline silicon drawing, 110 GW of crystalline silicon slices, 30 GW of solar cells and photovoltaic modules, and 1.2 million tons of organic silicon.

At present, five green silicon material gathering areas, including Baoshan, Chuxiong, Lijiang, Qujing and Zhaotong, have gradually become large. The new materials industry has gradually formed a cluster of rare and precious metals and optoelectronic materials with Kunming as the core, and copper with Kunming and Chuxiong as the center. Titanium industry cluster, tin industry cluster centered on Honghe Gejiu, and liquid metal industry base centered on Qujing.

In addition, Yunnan is accelerating the formation of the “China Aluminum Valley” and has successively introduced a number of leading enterprises such as Chinalco. It has built an electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 3.37 million tons. After the completion of all projects, the production capacity will be close to 8 million tons, accounting for nearly five percent of the country’s total electrolytic aluminum production capacity. One, a number of deep processing and industrial chain supporting projects are accelerating, and Yunnan will become one of the world’s largest green aluminum production bases.