Recently, Nigerian company Sunnyfred Global and Singapore company B&S Power Holding PTE signed an agreement to provide financing and construction of photovoltaic power plants in the Delta Assama state. The installed capacity of the photovoltaic power plants is expected to be 200 MW. The largest solar power plant in West Africa.

It is reported that the two companies plan to introduce this clean energy project to the press on February 25, 2021. The media exchange and presentation of the project roadmap will be conducted by the Vice President of Sokoto Usmanu Denver Diyo University, the Chairman of the Nigerian Environment Ministerial Technical and Policy Advisory Committee, and the former Director-General of the Nigerian Energy Commission Abubakar Sani Sambo The professor presided over.

But some details about the project have been leaked. The photovoltaic power station will be located in Ashama, Aniocha, Nigeria, using a land area of 304 hectares. The commissioning of this photovoltaic power station will not only increase Nigeria’s installed capacity, but will also diversify its power structure.