According to the company’s official website, on March 31, 2021, Longi, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Longi Green Energy Venture Capital and Shanghai Zhuque Investment, jointly established Xi’an Longi Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., with the legal representative Li Zhenguo. The registered capital is 300 million yuan. Mainly engaged in gas and liquid separation and purification equipment manufacturing, emerging energy technology research and development, energy conservation management services, technical services, development, etc. This is another big move after Longi’s investment in Sente and a strong deployment of BIPV.

In the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the 2035 long-term goal outline, “hydrogen energy and energy storage” is clearly included in the field of frontier technology and industrial transformation, as one of the ideal choices for future new energy. The next ten years will be a golden decade for the rapid development of China’s hydrogen energy industry. Since the beginning of 2021, Sinopec, Huadian Heavy Industry, Sungrow Power, Zhuhai Port, JinkoSolar, Elion Group and other companies have accelerated their march into hydrogen energy and are planning to deploy future industries.

On January 7, Sinopec invited four new energy companies, including GCL Group, Trina Solar, Longi Group, and Zhonghuan Electronics, to jointly hold a new energy industry development video dialogue. In the future, cooperation will be carried out around the new energy industry chain to achieve common Win development. Specifically, it includes cooperation in the construction of large-scale centralized photovoltaic power generation, hydrogen production, hydrogen transportation, and hydrogen refueling facilities, intensified technological research in battery materials, and cooperation to promote the implementation of new energy projects such as photovoltaics and hydrogen energy, and promote the integrated distribution of solar and hydrogen The construction of a model energy demonstration project.

On January 11, the academician expert workstation, joint laboratory, and joint operation center of Huadian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen General Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. were formally established in Beijing. It is reported that the two parties will work hard to build a first-class hydrogen energy research platform, Innovation platform, transformation platform, operation platform and talent cultivation platform will continue to promote the transformation of hydrogen energy industry achievements.

On January 13, Zhuhai Port Co., Ltd., which has been involved in wind energy, announced that it plans to invest 1 billion to establish Zhuhai Port Energy Technology Group Co., Ltd., which is committed to investment in photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen energy and other new energy manufacturing industries and application projects Development and operation. Zhuhai Port stated that hydrogen energy, as an important innovative technology to achieve low-carbon and environmentally friendly development, is welcoming a round of rapid development window. In order to seize this opportunity, the company will strive to achieve the actual landing of hydrogen energy projects during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period. Mature operation, with project design, development, EPC and comprehensive operation and maintenance capabilities. In mid-January, SPIC Chongqing Company and Chint New Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Under the premise of meeting their respective development concepts, the two parties will share resources and complement each other’s advantages to jointly focus on clean energy, integrated smart energy, power distribution, and energy storage. , Hydrogen energy and other fields, to establish a strategic partnership for sustainable development. The two parties will take the integration of photovoltaic resources in multiple provinces as the starting point to jointly develop, construct and operate various photovoltaic projects, actively promote the construction of clean energy, and focus on typical integrated smart energy application scenarios such as smart towns, smart parks, and smart buildings. Cooperate in the development and construction of comprehensive smart energy projects. On February 20th, JinkoSolar cooperated with international gas giants to study and explore the “Chinese solution” for photovoltaic hydrogen production suitable for the domestic market, and will promote the further implementation of photovoltaic hydrogen production projects, which will help the development of the hydrogen production industry. At the same time, it effectively improves the utilization rate of photovoltaic energy and solves the problem of photovoltaic power consumption. On February 24th, China Energy Construction Guangdong Institute and Guangdong Electric Power signed a development strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will give full play to the principles of “strong alliance, mutual benefit and win-win, long-term cooperation, and common development” on the basis of the original cooperation. With their respective advantages, close cooperation in the fields of wind power, photovoltaics, hydrogen energy, energy storage and other new energy sources to achieve resource sharing and complementary advantages.

In March, Elion Group and Beijing Energy Group signed a strategic agreement to cooperate in photovoltaic hydrogen production framework agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will implement hydrogen light green energy projects around the goal of “carbon neutrality”, and cooperate in demonstration projects in new industries and new fields such as photovoltaic sand control and photovoltaic hydrogen production.

On March 4, State Power Investment Henan New Energy Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongping Yunneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. held tripartite negotiations in Henan New Energy and signed a memorandum of cooperation. The three parties carried out in-depth exchanges on the implementation of the Henan Company’s party committee’s decision and deployment, and deepened clean energy cooperation in multiple fields, and reached consensus on the development and utilization of wind and clean energy, fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry layout. In the next step, Henan New Energy will cooperate with Zhongping Yunneng and Cummins in the fields of wind and clean energy, fuel cell, hydrogen energy industry, etc., to leverage their respective advantages, deepen strategic cooperation, tap high-quality resources inside and outside the province, and jointly promote the establishment of high-standard cooperation projects. , To help Henan Company realize the “2035 First-Class Strategy”.

On March 18, at the “PAT2021 Love Photovoltaic for Life” advanced technology seminar with the theme of “Embracing the 14th Five-Year Plan and Imagining Carbon Neutrality”, Sungrow released the first green hydrogen SEP50 PEM electrolyzer in China with a power of 250kW. It is currently the PEM electrolyzer with the largest mass production capacity in China.