“Ensure energy security. Promote clean and efficient use of coal, develop renewable energy, improve the supply and marketing system of oil, natural gas, and power, and increase energy reserve capacity.”

At 9 am on Friday, May 22, the third meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China held an opening meeting in the Great Hall of the People. On behalf of the State Council, Comrade Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council, reported to the General Assembly on government work for deliberation and invited members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference to submit comments.

In carrying out this year ’s main development goals and the overall deployment of the next phase of work, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned the need to implement a strategy to expand domestic demand and accelerate the transformation of the economic development model.

Expand effective investment. This year it is planned to arrange 3.75 trillion yuan of special bonds for local governments, an increase of 1.6 trillion yuan over last year, and increase the proportion of special bonds that can be used as project capital. The central government budgeted 600 billion yuan for investment. Focus on supporting the “two new and one important” construction that not only promotes consumer benefits, but also adjusts the structural stamina, mainly: strengthening new infrastructure construction, developing a new generation of information networks, expanding 5G applications, building charging piles, promoting new energy vehicles, and inspiring New consumer demand will help industry upgrade. Strengthen the construction of new-type urbanization, and vigorously improve the county’s public facilities and service capabilities to meet the increasing needs of farmers for employment and settlement in the county. Newly started the reconstruction of 39,000 old communities in towns, supporting the installation of elevators, and developing diverse community services such as dining and cleaning. Strengthen the construction of major projects such as transportation and water conservancy. Increase the national railway construction capital by 100 billion yuan. Improve the market-oriented investment and financing mechanism, and support the equal participation of private enterprises. It is necessary to optimize the project without leaving sequelae, and let the investment continue to exert its benefits.

Ensure energy security. Promote the clean and efficient use of coal, develop renewable energy, improve the supply and marketing system of oil, natural gas and power production, and enhance energy reserve capacity.

In relation to the reduction of electricity prices, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that it promotes the reduction of production and operating costs of enterprises. The policy of reducing industrial and commercial electricity prices by 5% was extended to the end of this year.