The three major renewable energy associations in Ukraine-the Renewable Energy Association, the Wind Power Association and the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency, jointly sent a letter to Zelensky to clarify the problems facing development in this field and requested to meet with them.

The statement stated that since the implementation of the support policy in the field of renewable energy for 12 years, investors have shown their willingness and ability to negotiate more than once. During this period, the government has canceled the profit tax concessions, the price of photovoltaic power plants has been reduced by 75%, and the model of bidding for the Internet has been introduced to shorten the time for the power plant to connect to the grid. Many people voluntarily gave up many projects, and millions of losses were written off.

The three associations are willing to provide the necessary figures and evidence to prove that the vigorous development in this field last year had a positive impact on the electricity market and effectively supplemented the national budget. Despite many achievements in 2019, there are still many deficiencies in this market, which are enough to threaten the sustainable development in this field.

The three major associations represent the interests of most domestic and foreign renewable energy investors in Ukraine.