On March 22, in the 500MW (12th) photovoltaic tender held by GUVNL in Gujarat, five companies including National Power of India (NTPC) and Coal of India won the bid. The specific winning price and capacity are as follows. The lowest winning power price is 2.2 rupees/kWh (about 3.04 cents/kWh).


This is the first tender since India announced new basic tariffs (25% and 40%, respectively) on imported photovoltaic cells and modules. The bidder has been notified that the latest basic tariff must be taken into account in all bids after the announcement. Compared with the 500MW tender held by GUVNL in December of last year, this tender has an 11% increase in the lowest electricity price. At that time, the price of 1.99 rupees/kWh set the lowest record for Indian tenders. Despite the increase in the bidding price, the bid response was good and the bid was over-bid. The increase in electricity price and over-biding reflected the stimulus effect of the new tariff policy on the Indian photovoltaic industry from the side.

But Mercom Capital CEO Raj Prabhu made his comment: “With the announcement of the new BCD, local manufacturers will benefit, but the cost of photovoltaic projects will rise. People will not see it for a long time. 2 The electricity price is INR/kWh. Faced with the pending agreement that is currently close to 20GW, power distributors may concentrate on purchasing this year. After all, the new tariffs will be implemented next year.”