After being shut down for half a year, the cinema finally looked forward to the good news of returning to work. With the domestic epidemic situation under control, the relevant departments have recently issued a decision to reopen the cinema. Subsequently, several low-risk areas successively issued notices to promote the resumption of theaters, and some theaters officially opened their doors to welcome audiences. However, limited by seat restrictions and cold market conditions, most of the movies currently shown in theaters are re-screening, and most of them are classic movies with high reputation and good reputation.

As the solar photovoltaic industry increasingly appears in people’s lives, solar power technology has also appeared in the backgrounds, scenes or props of many movies. The following movies are hoped to be reproduced on the big screen, so that tech fans will feast their eyes!

“007 The Man with the Golden Gun”

There is another cold-blooded killer in the world who kills people without blinking, and he is destined to cause another stormy sea. The professional killer nicknamed the Golden Gun Man has almost a hundred hits. Without the task he could not accomplish, he has become the target of high-paying recruitment by various terrorist organizations around the world. At the same time, in order to retrieve a high-efficiency solar energy converter that can convert 95% of solar energy, 007 Bond was dispatched. In order to prevent 007’s actions, the terrorist organization hired golden gunners to deal with 007. In the end, who will be the winner, can 007 successfully complete the task?

The film premiered in the United Kingdom on December 19, 1974. At that time, it was the first oil crisis. As a promising power generation technology, solar energy began to attract people’s attention.

“Loop Messenger”

The future, 2044. Time travel has been illegal from the beginning of its invention. Only when gang organizations want to clean up a certain object, but are unwilling to leave any traces in the world, they will send out “ring messengers”. They are specifically responsible for the execution of targets that have been sent back to the world by time. They are called “ring messengers” because they must eventually kill their future self-so as not to leave any trouble for future customers. This process is called “ring sealing”. Killer Joe is the youngest ring-like messenger, with no bullets, but when he wants to execute himself from the future, he is met with fierce resistance and misses. Elderly Joe hopes to kill the key person in the future seal of the ring-the rain caller, so as to change the fate of his wife; in the process of hunting down the young Joe met the farm single mother Sarah, accidentally became the protector of a mother and child . In this gamble to change the future (and the present), the two versions of Joe each have their own ingenuity and staged a peak duel of themselves…

In order to create a sense of the future in a sci-fi movie, many solar panels appeared in “Loop Messenger”, some on the car and on the farm building.

“Ender’s Game”

In the not-too-distant future, alien stars from outer galaxies invade the earth, killing more than 10 million people. In the moment of crisis, the brave captain Rickham stopped the invaders from expanding. Using this limited precious time, the people on Earth are committed to finding young talents with extremely high talents to train and train them, in the hope that they can become leaders in defeating alien invaders. Ander Viking, who is thin, melancholic but has an extremely firm gaze, is one of this group of teenagers. He is also the target of high hopes and the focus of the International Fleet. After several rounds of rigorous evaluation, Ander’s potential was affirmed by the commander of the combat school, Colonel Graf. He was taken to the combat school on the orbital space station by the colonel. In a fully enclosed environment, the future heroes ushered in new A round of training…

Ander enters the launch site of Battle School, surrounded by a photovoltaic power generation array. Of course, due to shading and terrain factors, ground photovoltaic power plants are generally not installed in valleys. In addition, due to the temperature coefficient of the crystalline silicon module, the module will have a higher output at low temperatures. This may be the reason why this power station chose a high altitude location in the movie.


In the deep and vast outer space, the blue earth is in sharp contrast with the bottomless and dark universe. A space station affiliated with the United States, several astronauts are taking a spacewalk, doing routine inspections of their satellites. Dr. Ryan Stone, who was just in space, with the assistance of experienced astronaut Matt Kowowski, inspected every component in an orderly manner. This is Kowski’s last flight before his retirement, and he enlivens the team atmosphere with humor. At this moment, shocking news came from the Houston headquarters. Not long ago, the obsolete Russian satellite was destroyed by a missile. The fragments scattered in the earth orbit at a speed faster than the bullet, and accidentally hit other satellites, causing a chain reaction. New fragments. Ryan and his party were hit hard by the debris, and some of their companions died unfortunately, but she and Kowski lost control and fell into the depths of the universe. The surviving two had to trust each other and tried their best to move towards their homeland…

A total of 27,000 square feet (about 2,500 square meters) of solar cells are installed on the International Space Station ISS. The United States provides 110kW and Russia provides 20kW. Although the multi-junction battery has made considerable progress in recent years, the ISS still uses silicon-based batteries with an efficiency of about 14.2%. In contrast, the Valor and Opportunity flying to Mars use Boeing Spectrolab’s triple-junction battery. The average efficiency on Mars can reach 26% to 28% under non-concentrating conditions. The “Tianwen-1” Mars rover recently launched by China uses the third-generation solar photovoltaic power generation technology gallium arsenide battery. The conversion rate of 50% has been achieved in the laboratory and will be further improved in the future. The conversion rate is maintained at around 30%.

“Robot Story”

In 2700 AD, human civilization was highly developed, but the earth was no longer suitable for human habitation due to the massive increase in pollution and domestic waste. The people on earth were forced to leave their hometown in a spacecraft to take a long and boundless journey into the universe. Before leaving, they entrusted Buynlarge’s company to clean up the earth’s garbage. The company developed a robot called WALL•E to take on this important task.

These robots work hard day after day and year after year in accordance with the procedures, but with the passage of time and the erosion of the harsh environment, the WALL•Es have been damaged and stopped moving. In the end, only one is still working on this seemingly endless work. After a long time, it began to have its own consciousness. It likes to hide the collected treasures carefully, like to watch music and dance films hundreds of years ago after work is over, in addition to having a cockroach friend as company. Until one day, a spacecraft from the universe broke its unchanging life…

In the film, WALL•E comes to the roof of his workshop and unfolds the folding solar panels to charge himself. Although we can’t guess how many generations of solar cell technology has evolved in 2700, from the screenshot above, The round wafer is used as the substrate. This kind of foldable portable field charging component has already appeared in our lives.

In real life, the most similar to WALL•E are the American Mars exploration robots Valor and Opportunity. These two Mars robots landed on Mars in 2004 and are equipped with triple-junction GaInP/GaAs/Ge solar cells. At the beginning of the mission, the battery efficiency was 27.5%.

“Gundam 00”

In 2307 AD, the earth’s fossil fuels were exhausted. After nearly half a century of construction, a solar power generation system with a total length of 50,000 kilometers and three rail elevators as the center was built. In order to build this huge building that can produce semi-permanent energy, the world has formed three huge national alliances: unio, “Human Innovation Alliance” and AEU. Because the rail elevator is too large, defense has become a very difficult task. However, the militaries of various countries are still engaged in large-scale zero-sum games (a competition in which neither party can gain benefits) for their own prestige and prosperity. In such a world, the organization that wants to put an end to it has appeared-the “celestial” private armed organization with Mobile Suit Gundam. In order to eliminate disputes in the world, they launched combat operations that transcended nations, nations, and religions. Gundam Driver Setsuna•F•Qingying is determined to change the world.

In Gundam 00, a rail loop design combining rail elevator and space solar power generation appeared. Space solar power generation was proposed as early as the 1970s. Compared with ground-mounted solar systems, the advantages of space solar power are mainly divided into two points. The first is that the solar energy spectrum in space is AM0, which is not scattered and absorbed by the atmosphere. The spectrum AM1.5 is higher than the ground average; secondly, through a suitable orbit design, the solar power satellite or space station can always be in a position facing the sun, avoid entering the shadow of the earth, so as to generate electricity at all times. However, the challenge of space solar power generation is also obvious. In addition to cost considerations, how to send the generated electricity back to the ground is a huge problem. The orbital elevators up to 00 also serve as carriers for generating electricity back to the ground.

“Chasing the Sun”

Sandra was an English teacher who had just arrived at a high school in Hawaii, but was sent by the school to be a science teacher in the “cow herding class”. Sandra ignored the shortcomings of the children, tried to be friends with them, and asked them to each complete a scientific experiment. The students who missed the report were asked by the teacher to go to the science exhibition in order to draw inspiration from it.

In the exhibition, Daniel, a boy with design talent, was attracted by a solar car and was eager to try it. Facing the ensuing challenges of dignity, funding, personality, and strong opponents, these children who dare not have dreams of life, with the assistance of teacher Sandra, are working hard for their dreams.

Although the scenes of solar power generation are more present in science fiction movies, they have gone beyond the blueprints and imagination. These science fiction scenes have realistic basis and reference. It is believed that with the promotion and popularization of solar power generation, more and more solar energy systems will appear in people’s lives in the future, appearing as general scenes, rather than rendering the background or elements of the future.