Recently, tested by the German Institut für Solarenergieforschung in Hameln (ISFH), a world-recognized authoritative testing organization, LONGi’s silicon-based heterojunction cell (HJT) has once again made a major breakthrough, with a conversion efficiency of 26.30%. This is the first time that LONGi has achieved a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 25.82% on M6 full-size (274.5cm2) monocrystalline silicon wafers last week. It is also a new world record set by LONGi. -Back Contact) The highest efficiency of the solar cell. It broke the world record twice a week, and LONGi, which leads the development of the industry with technology, once again explained to the world what “Longi Speed” is with practical actions.
It is worth noting that the fill factor (FF) of this certified battery reached the world’s highest silicon solar cell for the first time, breaking through 86%, reaching 86.59%. Through the unremitting efforts of Longi’s R&D team, the newly developed process can effectively reduce the contact resistance of the interface, thereby effectively increasing the FF, and at the same time, further increasing the current density of the battery. The current density reached 40.49mA/cm2 on the M6 ​​full-area 9BB solar cell.
Compared with the HJT solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 25.26% released by Longi in June this year, the two world record solar cell have been optimized and improved in the following aspects: First, the microcrystalline N window layer has been optimized to further increase the current density ; At the same time, a new intrinsic layer structure has been developed to greatly improve the passivation performance and increase the Voc up to 2mV. In addition, the team also tried a completely indium-free TCO process for the first time. The battery is certified by ISFH with an efficiency of more than 25%, which provides a valuable reference path for the industrialization of HJT solar cells.

As the world’s leading solar energy technology company, Longi has never stopped on the road of self-innovation and continuous breakthroughs, and “Longi Speed” continues to surprise the world. From 25.26%, 25.82% to 26.30% today, LONGi has set its own HJT solar cell efficiency world record three times within half a year, which is rare in the industry. In the field of TOPCon battery, Longi’s N-type TOPCon battery and P-type TOPCon solar cell also achieved the world’s highest conversion efficiency of 25.21% and 25.19% respectively. The achievement of these achievements bears the green energy dream of Longi’s R&D team assiduously, and is also a comprehensive demonstration of Longi’s self-breakthrough, innovation and innovation genes.

Gathering conversion efficiency and paying attention to customer value is the eternal theme of the entire photovoltaic industry. As a photovoltaic leader, the 26.3% breakthrough of LONGi’s HJT cell efficiency is more like a milestone, once again pointing out the direction for the evolution of the industry: returning to the main channel of efficiency improvement, constantly challenging the limit, and doing everything possible to amplify the value of every ray of sunlight. It is the core and foundation of technological innovation.

Driven by technological innovation, Longi has achieved a comprehensive lead in new high-efficiency solar cell technology. In the future, LONGi will continue to increase its technological research and development efforts, always focus on the value of end customers, and comprehensively accelerate the transformation of energy structure with high-efficiency photovoltaic products with more cost advantages, and continue to lead the progress of the industry.

*Note: The German Hamelin Institute of Solar Energy (ISFH) is an authoritative third-party testing organization, and the tested efficiency records are recognized by Professor Martin Green’s “Solar Cell Efficiency Record Sheet”