On November 9th, under the witness of Abdullah Tankan, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Chen Zhaoxiong, Chairman of CETC, and Yang Jun, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Zuo Lei and Mr. International Deputy General Manager Tian Yaobin and Kalyon Group Chairman Jamal jointly signed the “Turkish Kalyon Group-China Electric Power 500MW Photovoltaic Industrial Park Phase II Project Contract” by video.

Chen Zhaoxiong said that China and Turkey are both important emerging market countries and large developing countries. In recent years, under the direct promotion of the two heads of state, President Xi Jinping and President Erdogan, the two sides have strengthened the docking of development strategies, expanded practical cooperation, and made important progress, creating a good environment for the cooperation between China Electric Power and Kalyon Group. Overcoming the impact of the unfavorable factors of the new crown epidemic, the electrical equipment of China Electric Technology and the Kalyon Group have built the first photovoltaic industry chain production line in Turkey at a high level, laying a good foundation for further cooperation between the two parties. The signing of the contract for the second phase of the photovoltaic industrial park signifies that the cooperation between the two parties has entered a new stage. China Electric Technology will accelerate the implementation of the project, improve the technical level, and comprehensively enhance the effectiveness of the cooperation to ensure the complete success of the second phase of the project. It is hoped that both parties will further strengthen communication and exchanges, continue to expand cooperation areas, expand the scale of cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Abdullah Tankan, expressed his gratitude to CETC for its continuous support to Turkey’s energy development and warmly congratulated the successful signing of the second phase of the project. It was pointed out that the China Power Technology Photovoltaic Industrial Park project is of great significance for Turkey to get rid of foreign energy dependence and realize the country’s economic transformation and development. President Erdogan attached great importance to and personally attended the first phase of cooperation and commissioning ceremony, and highly praised the results of the cooperation between the two parties. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey will fully support the cooperation between the two parties and hope that the second phase of the project will be completed with high quality, which will further promote the development of Turkey’s energy independence and new energy industry.

Jamal, Chairman of Kalyon Group, said that China Electronics Technology has a deep technical accumulation and hopes to create more space and opportunities in the future to seek joint development.

Relevant persons in charge of Kalyon Group, China Electric Technology Integrated Management Department, Ministry of Industry, Electric Technology Equipment, and Electric Technology International participated in the event.