Project Description

Solar Panel Poly Half Cell 144P Mechanical Characteristics

Cell Type: Poly-crystalline 79.375mm×158.75mm
Qty of Cells: 144PCS(6×24)
Dimension: 2008×1002×35mm
Module Weight 23kgs
Glass: High transparency self -cleaning solar glass 3.2mm
Frame: Silver anodized aluminium alloy,thickness 35mm
Junction Box: >IP65
Cable/Connector: 4mm2, length 300/1000mm,MC4 Compatible
Packing: 27PCS/Pallet
QTY per 20GP/40HQ: 300pcs/704PCS

Solar Panel Poly Half Cell 144P Electrical Characteristics

Model HF144P-330 HF144P-335 HF144P-340 HF144P-345 HF144P-350
Rated Maximum Power(Pmax) [W] 330 335 340 345 350
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) [V] 45.54 45.73 45.89 46.07 46.27
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) [V] 37.72 37.9 38.08 38.25 38.43
Short Circuit Current(Isc) [A] 9.26 9.35 9.43 9.5 9.58
Maximum Power Current(Imp) [A] 8.75 8.84 8.93 9.02 9.11
Module Efficiency [%] 16.4 16.7 16.9 17.2 17.4
Power Output Tolerances ±3%

Operating Characteristics

Maximum System Voltage[V] 1000/ 1500 DC(IEC) Nominal operating cell temperature[℃] 45+-2
Maximum Series Fuse Rating[A] 15 Temperature coefficients of Pmax[%/℃] -0.42
Operating Temperature[℃] -40 to + 85 Temperature coefficients of Voc[%/℃] -0.31
Max load(snow/wind)[Pa] 5400/2400 Temperature coefficients of Isc[%/℃] +0.05
*STC:Irradiance 1000W/m², module temperature 25℃, AM=1.5 WARRANTY:12-year product warranty;25-year linear power output warranty

330W-350W Poly Solar Panel

Panel Features:
Standard 330W~350W 38V Solar Panel
38Vdc output for charging the 24V battery
Front tempered glass + TPT backsheet lamination, assembled with aluminum frame
High strength and snow/wind resistance
4~8 frame holes design for easily mounting on the poles or roof
Waterproof, Compressive Strength, and Scratch- Resistant
Upto 12 years warranty and 25 years lifespan
Panel power, color and logo customizable
OEM and ODM available