Project Description

• Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%
• Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
• Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the maximum power point loss rate and loss time
• Wide MPP operating voltage range
• High quality components, perfecting system  performance, with maximum conversion efficiency  of 98%
• Accurate recognition and tracking of multiple-peaks  maximum power point
• International famous brands of ST and IR’s components of high quality and low failure rate are used     which can ensure the product’s service life
• Charging power and current limitation function

Protection function:

• PV Over Current/power                            • PV Short Circuit                        • PV ReversePolarity

• Night Reverse Charging                           • Battery Reverse Polarity             • Battery Over Voltage

• Battery Over Discharge                            • Battery Overheating                  • ControllerOverheating★

• Lithium Battery Low Temperature             • Load Short Circuit                      • Load Overload                 •TVS High Voltage Transients