Project Description


600a63e0688e4PV plant530~545Wp

Standard IEC/UL
Eff 20.7~21.3%
Size 2256×1133×35mm
Weight 32.3kg


Bifacial modules

High power
Bifacial PERC
Half-cut cell
Hi-MO3 Design


Half-cut cell technology enables higher power and lower hot spot temperature because of low working current

Using M6 standard wafer Part of assembly line upgraded to 9BB, further improve power

Unique parallel connection design, more energy output under shading or non-uniform radiation

Front/back side maximum static loading 5400/2400Pa, suitable for tracker

Cell efficiency >22%, anti-LID, anti-PID, 1st year degradation ≤2%


The 33mm gap width coordinate with single axis tracker (such as NEXTracker) can reduce the shading

Split junction box, Cable Length 300mm (can be Customized)

Mounting holes with 400mm distance are added to match the horizontal single axis tracker

Glass and junction box supporting 1500V system

Reliable encapsulation using 2*2mm glass

Design of short frame without C side can reduce the shading caused by frame