Project Description

600W Waterproof Grid Tie Inverter MPPT DC18-50V Input

600W PV Smart Microinverter

Product Series SG700 Series
Model SG700MD (Regular) SG700HD (Custom-made) SG700TD (Custom-made)
Input Data(DC,PV)
Number of Input MC4 Connector 2 set 2 set 2 set
MPPT Voltage Range 24V-40V 36V-60V 80V-115V
Operation Voltage Range 18V-50V 30V-70V 70V-120V
Maximum Input Power 2*350W
Maximum Input Current 2*14A 2*9.7A 2*4.3A
Output Data(AC)
Single-Phase Grid Type 120V  &  230V
Rated Output Power 650W
Maximum Output Power 700W
Nominal Output Current @120VAC : 5.4A  /  @230VAC : 2.8A
Nominal Output Voltage 120VAC  /  230VAC
Default Output Voltage Range @120VAC : 80V-160V  /  @230VAC : 180V-280V
Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz  /  60Hz
Default Output Frequency Range @50Hz : 47.5Hz-52.5Hz   /  @60Hz : 57.5Hz-62.5Hz
Power Factor >0.99
Total Harmonic Distortion THD <5%
Maximum Units per Branch @120VAC : 4 units   /  @230VAC : 7 units
Peak Efficiency 95%
CEC Weighted Efficiency @120VAC : 92.5%  /  @230VAC : 93.5%
Nominal MPPT Efficiency 99.9%
Night Power Consumption <700mW
Mechanical Data
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Dimensions (W x H x D) 185mm x 180mm x 38.5mm (not include connectors and cable)
Weight 1.5kg
Max Current of AC Bus Cable 20A
Waterproof Grade IP65
Cooling Mode Natural Convection - No Fans
Other Features
Communication(Inverter to DataBox) 2.4G Wireless
Transformer Design High Frequency Transformers, Galvanically Isolated
Integrated Ground Equipment ground is provided by the PE in the AC cable. No additional ground is required.
Protection Functions Isolated Island Protection, Voltage Protection, Frequency Protection, Temperature Protection, Current Protection, etc.
Design Compliance NB/T32004:2013,NB/T32004:2013,EN61000-3-2,EN62109,VDE0126,UL1741 etc.

600W Waterproof Grid Tie Inverter MPPT DC18 50V Input 3 600W Waterproof Grid Tie Inverter MPPT DC18 50V Input 2

  • Single unit connects up to two PV modules
  • Maximum 700W AC output power
  • Single-phase output, Flexible 3-phase PV systems
  • 2.4G wireless communication and monitoring
  • Up to 7 units (230V) per branch
  • Customizable various input (DC, PV) voltage range
  • Integrated AC bus cable, Ready-To-Use
  • Low cost, Easy installation