Although Taiwan’s 2020 target volume of 2.2GW has not reached the target, the overall shipments of modules and inverters continue to grow. Compared with 2019, the shipments of modules and inverters in 2020 will both grow by more than 20%.

The market share of URE declines, Motech enters the top five for the first time

InfoLink senior analyst Chen Junying said that the overall installation volume of the Taiwan market will grow steadily in 2020, but it can be seen that the top three component factories have been formed, namely URE (United Recycling), TSEC (Yuanjing) and AUO (AUO). The total market share is as high as 70%.

Although URE is still the leader in component shipments in 2020, it has benefited from the three-in-one effect in 2018, and its market share has been as high as 48%. However, since then, its market share has been declining year after year. Being caught up by Yuanjing, it is even more likely that Yuanjing will surpass URE to become the leading component shipment in Taiwan in 2021. Yuanjing has actively entered large-scale projects in recent years, and has become the first choice for many large-scale projects in Taiwan. It is also worth noting that Motech has entered the top five for the first time this time. In addition to actively cooperating with system developers, Motech and Yuanjing spare no effort to develop high-performance components are also the main reason for their success. Canadian Solar Energy, which was still on the list in the first half of 2020, failed to enter the top five of the year because of changes in its sales strategy in Taiwan.

TAIWAN solar module inverter shipment ranking 1

Delta is still the preferred brand of inverters, and SolarEdge enters the top five for the first time

Delta inverters have been the number one supplier of inverters in Taiwan for four consecutive years, and their market share has remained stable, making it the preferred brand in the Taiwan inverter market. Different from the full-year ranking of 2019 because of the advantages of VPC, almost all manufacturers have obtained VPC in 2020. Sungrow (Sungrow) has been promoted to the second place by virtue of achieving the largest large-scale project in Taiwan in 2020. . SolarEdge entered the top five for the first time because of its success in adjusting its sales strategy in 2020. Looking at the market share of inverters in Taiwan in the past three years, Chen Junying pointed out that the top three inverters have a combined market share of more than 50%.

taiwan solar module inverter shipment ranking 2

Looking forward to 2021, 100% of the top five component manufacturers are Taiwanese brands, and the previous shuffling effect of inverters has roughly ended and has begun to enter a stable state. As system vendors have become accustomed to cooperating with suppliers, in addition to passing the VPC test for new overseas vendors in the future, breaking through the system vendors’ existing cooperating habits and how to obtain large-scale project orders will be the primary considerations.