The 2020 global solar module shipment ranking is released! With a dark horse of more than 20GW, LONGi took the top spot in module shipments. Jinko, which has been the shipping champion for many years, retreated to the second place, and the third place was JA Solar, which continued to grow steadily. Follow-ups are Trina, Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q-Cells, Risen Energy, Chint, First Solar, Suntech. Despite changes in the ranking of shipments throughout the year, the TOP 10 members shipped in 2020 are basically the same as in the first half of 2020.

1.LONGi solar

2.JINKO solar

3.JA solar

4.Trina solar

5.Canadian solar

6.Q-cells solar

7.Risen solar

8.Chint solar

9.First solar


The TOP 10 manufacturers in the table have a total of about 114.1GW of module shipments, accounting for 81.5% of the total demand of 140GW in 2020. Among them, the shipment growth of the top five manufacturers is particularly obvious. Compared with 2019, they have an annual growth rate of more than 30%. It also shows that the trend of the big one is Evergrande, the weak and the strong remain.

Major manufacturers also have quite aggressive shipment targets in 2021. It is expected that the market share of the top ten manufacturers throughout the year will continue to expand their new production lines, and the market share of TOP 10 is expected to account for the total global demand More than 90%.

Looking forward to this year, in addition to the less competitive manufacturers that will be more difficult due to the situation of siege and land grabbing by large factories, the top manufacturers will continue to increase their influence and avoid raw material risks. Alliances between large factories and large-scale camps , And manufacturers’ distribution of raw materials and upstream and downstream capacity is worthy of careful attention.